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Wasn't really paying attention at first. He looks towards the entrance and then smirks, "Well...Then we will just have to take them out before they take us out neh?" he says as he rushes into the temple rashfully. It was like the past Inuyasha to do this, "Yargh!!" he yells out as he enters the temple, several demons tried to block him before getting any further, but he attacks them, by swinging at them first with his sword, striking them down, "Come on! " he yells out loudly to the rest.

More and more demons came through the walls of the temple towards the hanyou, one even tried to bite him on the leg, but he turned and punched it upon its head, "Dammit get the hell off of me!!!" he yells out.

He blinks as Kagome caught up to him and gave him a kiss upon the cheek, "Kagome... " he blushes at the kiss and then nods, "Lets kick some demon ass..." he says with a smile.
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