Inuyasha (inuyasha_kun) wrote in rpginuyasha,

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Honking cars Wait no! Kotaisho!

Inuyasha smiled as Kagome placed the neckalace back around his neck. It wouldn't be fully Inuyasha with out those beads. He blinked at the kiss, and quickly kissed her back..."K-Kagome..."

Kotaisho stood there gazing at her parents with a blush. She was happy for them, and then she nods to Kagome, "Yeah hurry up..." she turned and went on down the road, moving swiftly upon her barefeet, jumping upon the parked cars that were in the middle of the road, many people were shouting and honking.

Inuyasha blinks once gain as his hand is grabbed and pulled, he squeezed her back since Kotaisho went on ahead.
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